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Total Transformations with help from the ReStore!

Mallory M DIY

Recently, a few Twin Cities ReStore shoppers took to social media to share their ReStore projects with us. 


A Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Update


Twin Cities Habitat has long been dedicated to building safe, decent, affordable homes. Our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) expands on this vision to build vibrant, safe, and inviting communities. The NRI concentrates our building, repair, and community engagement efforts in the Frogtown-Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul and on the North Side of Minneapolis to produce a greater overall impact. We continue to strengthen our partnerships with local organizations on top of our construction work to help build sustainable change throughout the entire community.

The Carrillo Family Experience A Brush with Kindness

Carrillo Family's Roof

Jose Carrillo and his wife Leticia bought their home on the East Side of St. Paul in 2001, where they are raising their three young children. The family loves their St. Paul community; they celebrate every Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, and Halloween with all of their neighbors.

The ReStore is Hiring!

Learn More About the ReStore

The Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore in New Brighton is looking for a ReStore Manager.


Another Year Older...and More Generous!

Habitat, Birthday, Cake

Presents, cake, balloons, friends, family - Who doesn't love their birthday? Every year we are lucky enough to be reminded of the lives we have touched and the people who care about us. And a couple of presents isn't always a bad thing, right? But there are those here in the Twin Cities who can't even afford proper shelter, much less a proper birthday with gifts.

ReStore Weeklong Sale in Honor of Earth Day!

ReStore Earth Day Sale

Reduce waste through reuse! Did you know over a third of all waste in the United States comes from construction and demolition waste?


Holy Hammers Hits $1M Habitat Sponsorship Milestone in 2014

Holy Hammers Volunteer

This year, Holy Hammers™ has reached the $1M mark for funds raised and given to sponsor Twin Cities Habitat homes. The Ecumenical coalition of local churches has partnered with Habitat for the past 16 years, providing funding and volunteers to help build homes for families. This week, they're kicking off their 2014 build at 663 Edmund Avenue in the local Frogtown area.

Volunteer Week - That's a Wrap!

Sign Up Now To Volunteer

We wanted to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the wonderful volunteers and supporters that participated in our Volunteer Appreciation Week activities! We're very excited that a number of you decided to sign up to help on future builds, repairs projects and events, which will make this upcoming season a true success. 

Volunteer Appreciation Week | Longtime Volunteer Profile

Jim Ramberg

Jim Ramberg is one of our most active volunteers at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. He has been volunteering with Habitat for almost 18 years and started after retiring from a 20+ year career as a chemical engineer at 3M.  The 3Mgives Volunteer Alumni have been around since 1996, have built 64 Habitat homes from start to finish and had a hand in 90 more.   Jim (pictured right in the photo below) has been a part of the crew from the beginning and he even remembers the first project which was a house on the East side of St. Paul. 

Volunteer Appreciation Week | New Volunteer Profile

Andy Manaen2

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity offers up a wide range of volunteer opportunities and involves individuals and groups from all over the metro area.  Some volunteers have been around for over 15 years and keep coming back, while new volunteers join the Habitat family each day. What inspires people to volunteer with habitat can vary as much as our volunteers do, but most agree that it allows them to do something meaningful, and gives them a sense of satisfaction. 

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